Machines were mice and MEN were LIONS once upon a time but now that 

                       it's the opposite it's twice upon a time

.. Machine Speak......Machine Speak

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Machines were mice and MEN were LIONS once upon a time but now that it's the opposite it's twice upon a time
  1. I see you every day a mass of living deaf
  2. You may see me strolling by with patches on my dress
  3. I live my life to refine the truth of happiness
  4. At first I suspected and was guilty of my joy
  5. I spoke to you when you were sad
  6. I shared your sorrow when you were mad
  7. you forced yourselvs upon my mind
  8. You see us happie your envy filled you with hate
  9. You put the blame on us
  10. Cause your children refused to stay
  11. You used us as red herring bait
  12. You called me dirty and called me a freek
  13. Why do you have to attack the meek
  14. We smoked a little weed
  15. To help us get by each day
  16. We are not robots
  17. We refuse to be machines
  18. For this you hate us
  19. What fools you must be
  20. There is a time for living
  21. For the time is near
  22. There is a time for forgivin
  23. The ones you fear
  24. We are the ones I hope you can hear
  25. They say I tried to kill a man
  26. They say I took a knife
  27. They say I had a plan to take away his life
  28. They cuffed me to a friend
  29. And took me to the jail
  30. They had me condemned
  31. Before I had a trial
  32. What is the mater with every one
  33. What's the matter with me
  34. I cannot understand
  35. Why can't you see
  36. We live our lives we eat our fill
  37. To the ringing of the till

She is the symbol of what is pure and free
She is the key
She is gods gift to me
how can I explain
with my worn out pen
all I say is
she grows above the heads of men

hitch a ride take the trip
walk with the son
hand in hand or gland in hand
does it matter as long as your one

forget the dirt ignore the noise
put your mind at rest
kick off your shoes
hitch up your dress
put it to the test

your man is man
he tries so hard
at being just a man
take him along
give him time
to find his manley way

do'nt make the mistake
to follow him
for what he has in hand
he is arrogent its a shame
he thinks he knows it all

love is more than laying down
as youve allways known
be like children laught and sing
discover what Ive found

so take my hand and walk with me
walk with the son
from the noise out of the dirt
too this new found land

thats all i have to say
thats all i have to sing
so come away with me my loves
and find this new found thing


                                        STILL UNDER DECOMPOSITION